Attempts on a Critical Architecture,  American Lithography Archive, Borders Without Loss, A Survey of Existing Ruins From the Eruption of Mt St Helens,  Four Ideas on Architectural Production

Adam Fried 2022

“[aisthêsis] is that which can receive perceptible forms [aisthêtôneidôn] without their matter”

The modern condition is perhaps defined by appropriation; the status of an object as a part of an infinitely reproducible network, fundamentally changing how meaning is related to made things. Architecture in the lens of appropriation creates a unique framework for investigation; when the building is seen as a reproduced object, fundamental elements are “borrowed, reclaimed, and reseen,” a framework perhaps converse to western ideals of innovation and genius.

A lidar scan, aptly titled “Basement of Avery Library” emphasizes the impact of an architecture reread, the copy taking a completely new architectural object. 

Basement of Avery Library