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Adam Fried 2022

 “action ( praxis) has goals or ends internal to itself”

The 18-Wheeler isn't the obvious choice for the typical protester,  however, a growing movement in Canada, and its durational success, deserves our attention. An 18-Wheeler alone can act as a critical mass, but in multiples, the truck becomes a hyper-efficient system for lock jam. Unlike a protestor on foot or on bike, the truck acts as a living space, “protesters” able to protest in their heated truck cabs, unaffected by the Canadian weather. Mix that with the hour-long process to tow an 18 wheeler, and you’ve got a perfect protest machine.

While the protests in Canada have fueled radical right-wing politics, some reporters note a widely varying degree of political association, a large number of Canadians frustrated with the tight pandemic restrictions.

While some trucks have been seized, many remain at the crux of protest.

30,000 LBS of Protest, 2022

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